Nextcloud is a powerful in-house cloud server that offers far more than you might think. With the upcoming 13th release, there’s yet another new feature called Talk that might well appeal to businesses, both small and large. Nextcloud Talk is a way to add one-click meetings with customers or colleagues, all from within the Nextcloud framework. Although Nextcloud 13 hasn’t yet been officially released, you can download the beta and give Talk a test or two.

Nextcloud Talk offers plenty of appealing features. With this free add-on, you’ll enjoy a fully on-premises audio and video chat solution that can be used from the desktop or mobile device. It’s designed for high security and low-barrier to entry. The full feature set include:

  • HD (H.265) audio/video calls
  • Both group and one-on-one calls
  • Webinars and public meetings
  • Individual and group chat
  • Screensharing
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Mobile calls and push notifications
  • End to end encryption for calls
  • Scales to millions of users

I want to walk you through the process of installing Talk on the beta version of Nextcloud 13. If you’re interested in installing the beta version of the upcoming iteration, you can follow my instructions for installing Nextcloud 12, only substituting the file for the beta 2 version of 13 (downloaded here).

See: How to install Nextcloud 12 on Ubuntu Server

NOTE: The instructions for installing Nextcloud 13 are the same as 12. Once you’ve installed the beta of 13, you should be able to upgrade to the official release from within the Nextcloud web interface.

Once you have Nextcloud 13 beta up and running, you are ready to install Talk.

Installing Talk

Login to your newly installed cloud server as a user with rights to install apps. Once logged in, you’ll notice Nextcloud 13 slightly changes how you install apps. Instead of clicking on the Nextcloud logo (in the upper left corner), click on the gear icon in the upper right corner. From the drop-down, click Apps. From the left navigation, scroll down and click Social & communication. In the resulting window, scroll to the bottom until you see the Talk entry (Figure A).

Figure A

Click Enable, and the Talk app will be installed on your Nextcloud server.

Using Talk

To use Talk, users only have to log into Nextcloud, click the User button (near the top right corner), and click the Talk icon associated with their name (Figure B).

Figure B

The recipient of the call will be asked to accept and the conversation will begin (Figure C).

Figure C

A user-friendly solution

Once you have Talk up and running, it’s incredibly easy to work with. The Nextcloud developers have done a masterful job of creating and integrating this app such that anyone can immediately get up to speed with little effort–it’s that user friendly.

With every iteration, Nextcloud continues to improve and evolve into something that every enterprise business should seriously consider.