How to install the iOS 13 beta on your Apple device

The iOS 13 public beta is available for iPhone users. Here's how to download and install the iOS 13 beta on your iPhone.

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Apple's iOS 13 is packing great new features that developers and iPhone owners are champing at the bit to try out. Fortunately for iPhone owners, the iOS 13 public beta is now available.

Note: Installing the early beta of any operating system is a risk. It's likely to be riddled with bugs, make some features of a device unusable, and may even brick the phone and necessitate a factory reset. Install the iOS 13 beta at your own risk, and never on a primary device.

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How to install the iOS 13 beta

With the iOS 13 public beta now available, it's time to get it installed and try out all the new features. 

Before you begin, a word of warning: iOS 13 is still in beta. It's difficult to roll back a beta installation, so you shouldn't install the iOS 13 public beta on your primary device. If you decide to do so, be sure you have made a total encrypted backup of the iPhone you intend to use for the beta install. If you have problems with the iOS 13 beta or want to roll back your device for whatever reason, you'll need a backup to restore to.

Once your iPhone is backed up, be sure your device is enrolled in the Apple beta program. SIgn in with your Apple ID and follow the steps—it's incredibly simple, and you should be able to complete it in no time.

With your device enrolled, it's time to install the iOS 13 beta profile, without which your device won't be able to find iOS 13 beta updates. 

From your iPhone, tap this link to be taken to the profile download page. Sign in using the same Apple ID you registered your device with. 

If your device was registered properly, you should see a button that says Download Profile. Tap it, accept the download, and wait for it to complete (it should be nearly instant). 

With the profile download complete, you'll need to install it. Open the Settings app. On the main screen of Settings right below your Apple ID, you should see a space that labeled Profile Downloaded—tap it. 

On this screen, you should see the iOS 13 beta profile. In the upper right corner will be the Install button—tap it. From there, you'll see a consent disclaimer that you can agree to with a tap in the upper right corner. 

Your device will want to restart after the profile installs. Restart and head back to the settings app. Navigate to General, then Software Update. The iOS 13 public beta should be available for download and install. Tap that option, and then sit back and wait. 

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