How to integrate Dropbox into Slack

Learn how to integrate Slack and Dropbox for even more efficient collaboration.

How to integrate Dropbox into Slack

Slack is much more than a tool for communication, it's a means for powerful collaboration. One only need look into the Slack/Dropbox integration to see how powerful a tool Slack can be. By integrating Dropbox into Slack, you gain features such as:

  • Sharing of Dropbox content to Slack channels or direct messages (directly from Dropbox).

  • View Dropbox file previews within Slack conversations.

  • Start Slack discussions about work from within Dropbox.

  • Keep track of where work has been shared from file activity feeds within Dropbox.

That's a short list of features, but should be enough to have any user of both platforms wanting to make this happen.

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The caveat 

Let's start off with the caveat. Not every Slack workspace will allow you to integrate Dropbox. This will depend on how your Slack administrator has configured your workspaces. If you find Dropbox or other apps not available for installation, you might reach out to your Slack admin to see if they'd be willing to allow it.

But if your workspaces allow the installation of apps, and you're a Dropbox user, keep reading.

What you'll need

There are only three things you'll need to make this work:

  • A Slack account and a Slack workspace for which you have access

  • A Dropbox account

  • The Slack desktop client

How to integrate Dropbox

Let's get to the integration. To make this happen, you first need to sign in to your Dropbox account from your default web browser. Once you've done that, open Slack and click on Add Apps in the Apps category (Figure A).

Figure A


The Add Apps button in the Slack left sidebar.

In the resulting window, search for Dropbox (Figure B) and click the associated Install button. 

Figure B


The Dropbox Install button.

After clicking Install, your default web browser will open, to the Dropbox Slack App. Click Add To Slack (Figure C).

Figure C


Adding Dropbox to Slack.

You will next be redirected to Dropbox, where you must click the Connect to Slack button (Figure D).

Figure D


Connecting your Dropbox account to Slack.

A popup window will appear with a couple of warnings. Click Got It (Figure E).

Figure E


Okaying the warnings.

Finally, you must allow the required permissions, by clicking the Allow button (Figure F).

Figure F


Allowing Slack to have permissions to access your Dropbox account.

The popup window will dismiss and the connection has been made.

How to share files from Dropbox to Slack

This is where you can see how handy and efficient this connection is. Go to your Dropbox account and click the Share button associated with one of your files. You will see a new Share In Slack entry (Figure G).

Figure G


Sharing a Dropbox file to Slack.

That alone should make you want to integrate Dropbox with Slack. The ability to quickly share files from your Dropbox cloud account to Slack workspaces or users makes this a must-have for certain Slack users. 

Give it a go and see if you don't find yourself relying on this addition to Slack.

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Image: Dropbox