If you’ve ported your existing number from iPhone to Android (and why shouldn’t you?), you may have noticed that you aren’t receiving texts from iPhone users. This happens
because, not surprisingly, Apple uses a proprietary technology for SMS called
iMessage. When an iPhone sends a text as an iMessage (which all new iPhones do, by default), it goes through the Apple servers and then on to other

iPhone to iPhone isn’t a problem, but when an iPhone attempts to send
an iMessage to a non-iOS device, the text doesn’t make it. The originating
device is still set up to send to you as iMessage. Also, if
you’ve switched platforms and phone numbers, this will not be an issue,
because your messages are not being sent through the Apple iMessage

Of course, you could contact every
person texting you with an iPhone and tell them to turn off iMessage from
Settings | Messages | iMessage. Naturally, you don’t want to have to force the
needs of one upon the needs of many. So, how do you get around this?

I spent an evening
attempting to solve this puzzle. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t readily give out this information. After three different
calls to Apple support, I received three different solutions to the problem.
Eventually, it was a combination of two solutions that resolved the issue
permanently. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Reset your Apple ID password and do not log back in on your device(s)
  • Send a text to 48369 with the word STOP

It won’t happen immediately but over a 12-hour period,
you should start receiving texts on your Android device that are sent from iPhone users.

In a world so interconnected, it surprises me (though it
shouldn’t) that Apple uses a proprietary technology incapable of cross-platform
communication. Thankfully, there’s always a fix for the problems that ail you.

Have you noticed other problems when making the switch from iPhone to Android? Share your difficulties in the discussion thread below.