How to load styles from LibreOffice templates

LibreOffice contains a number of tools to help make your workflow a bit easier. Jack Wallen walks you through the process of how to quickly load styles from a LibreOffice template.

How to load styles from a LibreOffice template

So you've created all sorts of wonderful templates in LibreOffice. Each of those templates includes very specific styles you've worked hard to perfect. In order to make use of those styles, you've opened one of those templates, saved it as new document, deleted the included text in the new document, and then started working. Imagine repeating those steps throughout the day. It could quickly get tedious. Fortunately, that process can be made quite a bit more efficient. How? Instead of opening the newly created template, you simply load styles from a template. This cuts down on the steps you must take in order to make use of those styles--no more opening a template or deleting text as you go.

As a caveat, if you use the templates as a boilerplate (wherein you only adjust text on a per-needed basis), this method probably isn't for you. However, if you only need the styles from a template (not the text), this is the way to go.

Let me show you how to pull this off.

What you'll need

I'll be demonstrating on LibreOffice 6.0.1. The platform you use doesn't affect the process, but if you're using an out of date version of the office suite, the process might vary. You will also need your templates already created and saved. You can have as many templates as you need, but you can only load styles from one template at a time.

How to load styles

Open up a new LibreOffice document. This will load the default template styles. Open up the sidebar and then click on the Styles and Formatting button (fourth down from the top - Figure A). This is done so you can see the loaded styles.

Figure A

Figure A

The LibreOffice sidebar with Styles and Formatting open.

With this document open, click Styles | Load Styles. In the resulting window ( Figure B), navigate to the template that holds the styles you want to load.

Figure B

Figure B

Selecting the template that holds the styles to be loaded.

With the correct style selected, make sure to check the types of styles you want to load (from Text, Frame, Pages, Numbering, Overwrite). Once you've made all of your selections, click OK. You should now see all the styles, loaded from your template, in the Styles and Formatting sidebar ( Figure C).

Figure C

Figure C

Our new styles, ready to be used.

If you select the Overwrite option, any style (of the same name) in the new template will overwrite a style in the currently loaded template. If you don't select the Overwrite option, styles with the same name will not be replaced.

You can now begin styling your new document, according to the specific styles you created for that template, without the hassle of opening a template, saving the document, and deleting text from the loaded template.

Efficient templates

This is an easy way to gain a bit more efficiency with LibreOffice. If you make use of templates, it's in your best interest to start using the Load Styles feature. Give it a try and see if you find LibreOffice to be even better capable of handling your office suite demands.

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Image: Jack Wallen