For many in IT, taking screenshots can be a required task. Sometimes you do it to help train a new worker, while other times you might simply be snapping that image for posterity or to support a case where something has gone awry. Regardless of why, you need to know how to do this. If you’re a macOS user, you know the ability to take screenshots is baked right in. Hit the Command Shift 3 combo and the screenshot will be saved to your desktop. But what if you need either more control or more simplicity? That’s where the touchbar comes in.

You can now add a screenshot feature to your touchbar that will give you the ability to snap a screenshot with a single touch, and even allow you to choose what portion of the screen to be shot, and where to save that image. How do you do this? Simple.

Open up the System Preferences and then click on the Keyboard entry. In the resulting window, click on Customize Control Strip. When the overlay appears, click and drag the Screenshot icon down to the touchbar, and then click Done. Now, when you want to take a screenshot, tap the camera icon in the control strip portion of the touchbar and when prompted, tap to select which part of the screen to shoot as well as the save to location.

And that’s how you make taking screenshots with macOS even easier. You might think the touchbar is nothing more than a toy. It’s not. In many cases, it’s a means to a very efficient end.