How many times have you uninstalled an app and then re-installed it, only to have to reconfigure the app to suit your needs? Well, with Android, that’s not a problem. With the help of auto backup and auto restore, re-installing applications is easy. But the backup isn’t just for re-installing apps. The beauty of this backup is that any time you get a new device, all you have to do is associate that phone to the same Google account as the old phone, and WAM! That backup will restore to the new phone.

However, you won’t your text messages and phone logs — so, you’ll have to manually export those (in some cases, with the help of third-party software found on the Google Play Store).

What you do get backed up is app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and Google server settings. Those are all key to making your Android life as seamless as possible.

By default, automatic backup is turned on. If you’re really concerned about your device using data, or if you’re one who takes security far more serious than the average joe, you might want to turn that automatic backup off. Or you might want to turn on the Automatic restore, which will restore app settings should you uninstall and re-install an app. Automatic restore is not always on by default — it will depend on what device you have.

To handle these tasks, do the following:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Locate Backup & reset
  3. To turn on automatic backup, tap Back up my data
  4. To turn on Automatic restore, tap the associated checkbox

That’s it. Now, your Android device will automatically backup app data and, the next time you have to re-install an app, you won’t have to reenter the necessary data.