“You can classify [IoT] in two broad categories,” said Michela Menting, research director for ABI.

At the 2017 Mobile World Congress, Menting discussed the two most current threats to IoT devices.

The first type of threat, denial of service, is merely considered a nuisance, she said.This type of attack hijacks and disrupts the service on IoT devices across all platforms. Menting said these make up most of the attacks that are actually executed.

The second threat, hardcore attacks, are much more rare, but target critical infrastructure with IoT devices and can cause ‘life-critical emergencies.”

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Menting gave two tips to minimize IoT threats:

1. Understand the risks

It’s important for users to understanding the risks involved in using an IoT device. Once businesses fully understand the risks the device brings, they can put risk management solutions in place like encryption or firewalls.

2. Understand the security risk

It’s also important to understand the security risk involved at the inception of the product and be aware of their vulnerabilities. It is imperative for manufacturers to implement features to accommodate potential security breaches, and that this should be viewed not as a burden but as a value added to the product.

“You can’t think it’s something unimportant, or marginal, it will impact businesses,” she said.

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