If there’s one day you must pay attention to, it’s Mother’s Day. Remember when you were a kid and mom said she didn’t need a present, just give her a hug? Well, those days are over. You’re an adult and it’s time to show your mom how much you love her.

If she’s tech-savvy, or even tech curious, there are several options for her in our gift guide. Take into mind what her preferences are when it comes to tech.

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For the fit mom, or the mom who wants to become fit, opt for a smartwatch. There is a plethora of devices on the market, but the Fitbit Versa is a favorite. It’s Fitbit’s newest model, and it comes in several colors, including rose gold. It looks particularly stylish paired with a lavender leather band. And don’t forget the Fitbit Flyer wireless headphones for workouts. They’re sweatproof and comfortable, too.

The Huawei Band 2 Pro is another fitness device that’s worth looking into. In addition to features like notifications and continuous heart rate monitoring, the Band 2 Pro has standalone GPS, water resistance and VO2max measurement.

If you want to buy her something more classic, but still with a bit of a tech edge, look at this commuter clutch from Mark & Graham. It has special pockets for a smartphone, earbuds, cords and cables. It’s for tech-savvy women who appreciate sleek style. Also from Mark & Graham is this faux-leather tech envelope. It’s a handy organizer for accessories and it looks good, too.

Keeping it a bit more basic is the Luci candle from MPOWERD. It’s an inflatable solar light with an amber glow and a frosted finish. Perfect for relaxing in the tub in a bubble bath while listening to Kenny G.

Every mom loves the sound of her kid’s voice. That is, unless they’re whining. But seriously, Soundwave Art is building on this idea with custom artwork and jewelry made from sound. Any voice pattern can be engraved on on to rings, pendants and artwork. There’s even an app that can scan the artwork and play the sound.

If your mom loves her pets, then check out the Furbo smart dog camera. It’s made just for dogs, not other pets. It has an excellent camera that includes night vision so that it’s easy to watch your dog remotely, and you can toss Fido an occasional treat. There’s even an app that alerts you if your dog is more active than normal.

Another popular pet camera manufacturer is Petcube. They’ve come out with Petcube Bites as their latest treat-slinging device. It has a high capacity two-pound container and allows you to fling the treats from various distances, up to 6 feet.

The mom who wants to keep her kids off Wi-Fi 24/7 will love Plume’s Pods. The pods themselves make it easy to get Wi-Fi throughout your house, but then there is Plume’s HomePass, which allows you to set up guest and timed access to the internet. That means it’s possible to limit screen time for kids, too.

Any mom who likes to cook would appreciate the Ninja Cooking System with Auto-iQ. It has four appliances built into one: a slow cooker; a stove top for searing and sautéing; a steamer; and an oven for baking.

If your mother appreciates home décor and good music, the Crosley Bermuda turntable has Bluetooth connectivity to give a modern edge to classic sound.

As an alternative to an Amazon Echo, consider FABRIQ’s Alexa-enabled speaker, the Chorus. It does everything the Amazon Echo can do and it comes in an array of fabrics to fit into various color schemes around the house.

Another speaker option is the Polk BOOM Swimmer Duo. It’s a rugged Bluetooth speaker with a tail that can be looped or hung from any object. Or consider the Denon DSB150 wireless speaker. It has excellent quality sound in a compact unit. And if spending under $30 appeals, there’s the Coby Premium Bluetooth Speaker.

If losing keys is a concern, then the KeySmart Pro is ideal. It has location tracking with Tile. And a bottle opener. It makes sure that you’ll never lose your keys again. Or your bottle opener.

And finally, the Weatherman smart umbrella is a brilliant idea. It was designed by meterologist Rick Reichmuth and it pairs with the Pebblebee Bluetooth tracker to detect the forecast and gives alerts when you need to remember to bring your umbrella along. The tracker also ensures that your umbrella won’t get lost.

Whatever you choose, opting for something a bit unique and with a tech edge is a great idea for Mother’s Day.

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