How to prevent worker retaliation

Nearly 40% of tech employees reported retaliation occurring in their workplaces after an incident, according to a Blind report.

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Nearly 40% of tech employees said either they or a co-worker have experienced retaliation by management or after reporting an incident, according to a recent Blind report. The report surveyed more than 8,000 employees to determine how often retaliation occurs in the enterprise.

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Retaliation is one of the top workplace discrimination claims in the US, the report found. Employees typically experience retaliation from their employers after filing a complaint about inappropriate behavior in their work space, such as racial discrimination or sexual harassment.

The report identified the tech companies where employees witness or experience the most retaliation. Here are the top three, along with the percentages of employees at the company that responded "yes:"

  1. (64%)
  2. Pinterest (61%)
  3. eBay (55%)

The companies surveyed where employees reported the least number of retaliation experiences included LinkedIn (30%), Oracle (26%), and Tesla Motors (15%), according to the report

Tips for preventing worker retaliation

Managers and HR staffs can take the following steps to avoid worker retaliation, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM):

  • Evaluate policies: The first step companies should make in combating worker retaliation is evaluate their policies. Organizations must make sure current procedures aren't inadvertently resulting in retaliation from employers.
  • Open paths of communication: Organizations must create a safe medium for employees to come forward with complaints. Whether it be a hotline, anonymous email link, or open office hours, employees need to feel heard and supported.
  • Investigate: When claims are filed, they must be investigated. Employers must take action when notified of a retaliation claim, no matter who the claim is aimed toward.

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