How to remap the Samsung Bixby button

Tired of accidentally hitting that Bixby button and having to immediately close the annoying Bixby app? Learn how to remap that button with ease.

How to remap the Samsung Bixby button

Let's face it, few people actually use Bixby. Why would you, when Android has a far superior, built-in digital assistant in Google Assistant? However, many Samsung phones include a dedicated Bixby button that always seems to be right where your finger wants to be, causing you to accidentally open that inferior digital assistant.

Did you know that you can remap that button, so it's associated with an action other than opening Bixby. Now, before you get too excited, there isn't a way to completely disable the opening of Bixby. Instead, what we're going to do is set the opening of Bixby to a double click of the button, while a single click will open a completely different app.

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How do we do this? Simple. Let me show you.

What you need

The only thing you need to make this work is a Samsung device that includes the Bixby app and a Bixby button. As long as you have those, you're golden.

Remapping the key

To locate the Bixby key configuration window, go to Settings | Advanced Features | Bixby key. In the resulting window (Figure A), tap to enable double press to open Bixby.

Figure A

Figure A: Switching the opening of Bixby from a single to double press.

At this point, it now requires that you press the Bixby button twice in order to open the Bixby app. You'll also notice that pressing and holding the Bixby button will always open Bixby Voice. At the moment, there's no way to disable this feature--so avoid holding that button down.

Next, make sure Use single press is enabled and then tap the blue link. In my example, the link reads Open Messages, as that is what I configured for the action. In your case, it might read Bixby. In the resulting window (Figure B), tap the gear icon associated with Open app.

Figure 2

Figure B: You can either associate an app or a command to the single-press action.

Locate and tap the app you want to associate with the Bixby button single press (Figure C).

Figure C

Figure C: Pick an app, any app.

Once you've select your app, back out of the settings window, and you're good to go.

Saved from Bixby (sort of)

That's all there is to it. Your Bixby button will now only open the Bixby app if you double press the button on your device. It's not a perfect solution, but the chances of you double pressing that button are far slimmer than a single press. Enjoy your new-found freedom from Bixby.

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