Are you one of those Firefox users that tends to have so many open tabs that you can’t distinguish what tabs are what? When that happens, you wind up clicking through all of the tabs until you find the one you’re looking for. This can be really frustrating, especially when you’re trying to work as efficiently as possible. That’s why the developers of Mozilla Firefox introduced a new tab search feature that makes this task much easier.

The new tab search feature arrived in version 64 of the browser and is incredibly easy to use. In fact, you don’t even have to enable the feature, as it’s on out of the box.

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A bit of clarification

You need to understand that this feature doesn’t search within the tabs. So, if you have a tab open in which you are researching Linux, and the word Linux isn’t found in the site title (or domain), the word Linux won’t be found. Let’s say you have a TechRepublic page open to the article How to authenticate a Linux client with LDAP server. If you search for the terms Linux or LDAP you’ll see the tab appear. Why? Because both words are in the article title, which appears in the tab. Also, if you search for techrepublic, the tab will appear (because it’s in the URL). If, however, you’re searching for a word within the article (say, active), you’ll see no results.

Let’s say you have a number of tabs open that contain the Linux keyword in the page title. When you search for that keyword, all of those tabs will appear.

But how do you make this work? Let me show you.

Searching for your tab

With that plethora of tabs open, open yet another one. In the address bar, type % followed by a space. Next, type the keyword you’re looking for. So, if the keyword is Linux, you’d type % Linux. From the resulting list of tabs (Figure A) use your arrow key (or the cursor) to select the one you want, hit Enter on your keyboard (or click the left mouse button), and you’ll go to the selected tab.

One bonus feature is that the new tab you opened (to perform the search) will automatically close, so you’re not left with a bunch of empty tabs.

Open all your tabs

You no longer have to worry about getting lost in a sea of tabs. Make use of Firefox’s new tab search feature and gain control of all your open tabs–no matter how many you have open.