New, interactive experiences continue to drive our reliance on our mobile devices. Propelled by initiatives like BYOD, more and more productivity continues to shift toward getting work accomplished from our smartphones.

This increase in being able to work from anywhere further blurs the balance between work and life, which means users are utilizing their mobile devices often and for virtually everything–both personally and professionally. Multitasking and shortcuts help us make the most out of the time we spend on our devices.

One such feature that I am using non-stop is leveraging the accessibility functions of my iPhone’s speech settings to enable it to speak aloud any text passages, such as those contained in ebooks and PDFs on-demand. This is extremely versatile, not to mention highly useful–from listening to audiobooks while commuting to researching through equipment manuals at work.

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Enable speak selection

To enable speak selection go to Settings | General | Accessibility | Speech. Toggle the button next to Speak Selection to enable the speak selection button on the floating menu when text is highlighted (Figure A).

Enable Speak Screen

To enable Speak Screen go to Settings | General | Accessibility | Speech. Toggle the button next to Speak Screen to enable the ability to speak the screen (Figure B).

To bring up the floating menu at any time, perform a two-finger gesture by swiping from the top of the screen down. The device will scan the page or document and begin reciting the text aloud (Figure C).

Each of the functions above may be enabled individually without negatively impacting each other, or it can be enabled jointly to provide dual speech functions that can be used as needed.