How to stop Chrome—and other apps—from starting at macOS login

You can prevent rogue applications from opening when you log in to macOS.

How to stop Chrome (and other apps) from starting at macOS login

For the longest time, Google Chrome never failed to launch when I logged into macOS. It didn't matter if I fully closed the app upon logout that stubborn browser insisted I give it my attention when I logged back in.

No more. I put the kibosh on that behavior and now Chrome patiently waits for me to manually open it.

This is important on macOS. Why? Because Chrome is fond of gobbling up that MacBook laptop battery. That means I only use Chrome for very specific things, and I make sure to close it when I'm done. Otherwise, I can say goodbye to getting any truly meaningful life out of that battery.

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Prevent launching at login

How do you prevent Chrome from launching at login? Let me help you out. Click on the Apple menu and open System Preferences. In the new window, click on Users & Groups. In the resulting window, click on the Login Items tab. Here you should find that offending application waiting to be removed. Select Google Chrome (or whatever application it is you want to be removed), and then click the minus button near the bottom. Close out the System Preferences window, and that's it.

Now, if you log out of macOS and log back in, Google Chrome (or whatever app begs for your use) won't be waiting for you upon logging in. In this same fashion, you can also add new apps to greet you at login. The only difference is that you click the + button in the Login items tab and then locate the app you want to add.

Use this feature to keep rogue apps from opening when they shouldn't.

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