The onboarding process is a critical time for new hires and organizations alike. During this period, businesses will need to provide new employees with a workstation equipped with all of the workbooks, tools, software, and access required for their day-to-day responsibilities. 

New hire onboarding often involves collaboration among multiple teams across the organization including direct hiring managers, human resources, and IT. As a result, organizations need clear and consistent procedures in place to assist with personnel screening considerations, offboarding procedures, and more. Below, we’ve detailed four TechRepublic Premium resources to optimize these processes.

Power checklist: New workstation

Providing new employees with a proper workstation stocked with essential items and information is a key part of the onboarding process. This guide and paired checklist are designed to help organizations create a workspace for new hires. This includes the physical setup as well as necessary software and employee handbooks to help new hires understand policies, workflows, and more. These tools will ensure that new employees have all of the resources they need to excel in their new position from day one.

Personnel screening policy

Personnel screenings are a pivotal part of the recruiting and interview process. The TechRepublic Premium personnel screening policy outlines the processes organizations should follow when assessing prospective candidates. A personnel screening typically involves a criminal background check as well as confirming employment history, academic credentials, and more to be assured that a candidate is able to fulfill the required duties of their position. This resource outlines screening guidelines for part-time and full-time employees, contingent workers, 1099 contractors, as well as temporary, intern, contractors, consultants, and offshore employees.

Onboarding/Offboarding Checklist

Clear and consistent procedures help streamline the new hire onboarding process, enabling organizations to efficiently and effectively acclimate new employees. In lieu of routine guidelines, organizations risk introducing incorrect or outdated information into the onboarding process. 

Organizations will also need to extend the same considerations to the offboarding process at the end of an employee’s tenure to ensure business continuity. These resources are intended to help optimize the onboarding and offboarding processes with efficiency in mind.

New Employee Checklist and Default Access Policy

The onboarding process typically involves multiple teams including direct hiring managers, human resources, IT, and other departments. During this time, organizations will need to provide new employees with a functional workspace equipped with all of the equipment and software needed to perform their duties. Additionally, organizations will also need to make sure employees have access to the full suite of platforms employees use in their day-to-day. The new employee checklist and default access policy facilitate a uniform approach to the onboarding process across multiple teams.