How to take screenshots of long web pages in iOS 13 and iPadOS

You can now capture an entire web page in a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad.


Image: Apple

If you've ever tried to take a screenshot of a web page on your iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed one problem. The screenshot captures only the visible portion of the page, cutting off everything below that. Wouldn't it be useful if you could take a full screenshot that shows the entire page, no matter how long it is? You can do just that in iOS 13 and iPadOS .

With the new screenshot capability, you're given a choice of capturing just your current screen or the full length of a web page. You can annotate and edit the image and then save it as a PDF file in the Files app. This trick even works with other apps beyond Safari, including Mail and Apple Maps.

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First, make sure you're running iOS 13.1 or higher on your iPhone and iPadOS 13.1 or higher on your iPad. On your device, go to Settings and select General. In the General section, go to Software Updates. You'll either be informed that your software is up to date, or the latest update will prompt you to download and install it (Figure A).

Figure A


Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and open a web page that you want to capture in a screenshot. You can hold your device in either portrait or landscape mode. Press the appropriate buttons to take a screenshot. On an iPhone X or later, or on an iPad with Face ID, press and quickly release the side button and the volume up button at the same time. On an older iPhone or on an iPad with Touch ID, press and release the top or side button and the Home button at the same time. After you've taken the screenshot, tap the preview thumbnail that appears in the lower left corner to go into Markup mode.

The top of the markup window offers you a choice between Screen and Full Page. Tapping the option for Screen will save only the visible portion of the page. Tapping the option for Full Page will save the entire page in its full length. In Full Page mode, you can scroll through the page by holding down and moving the slider bar on the right (Figure B).

Figure B


While you're in the markup window, you can mark up the screenshot using any of the drawing tools at the bottom. You can display a ruler to draw a straight line. You can change the color of the drawing tool by tapping on the colored circle at the bottom right. Tap the plus button to see options to add text, include a signature, display a magnifier, and change the opacity. From here, you can also draw a square, a circle, a dialog balloon, or an arrow (Figure C).

Figure C


At the top of the screen are icons to crop the image, undo your last action, redo your last action, delete the image, and share the image. When you're finished, tap Done. Select the option to save the screenshot as a PDF to the Files app. At the next screen, choose the location in Files where you want to save the image, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or on your device (Figure D).

Figure D


Finally, you can capture long full page screenshots in other apps, including Mail and Apple Maps. The steps for these other apps are the same as for Safari.

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