How to transfer files during a Zoom meeting

Need to share a file during a Zoom meeting? Here's how to do it, whether the file lives on your machine or in the cloud.

How to transfer files during a Zoom meeting

In an in-person meeting, you can share a document by simply passing out photocopies. Online meetings, like those performed through Zoom, can make it a bit tricker to share documents and files.

Luckily, there's an easy way to share documents with Zoom meeting participants, whether they're in your organization or outside of it--it's even easier than sharing your screen. Update on April 9, 2020: Third-party file sharing is currently disabled in Zoom pending additional security updates.

Note: Increased demand on Zoom servers during the COVID-19 outbreak means that phone dial-in functions may be limited--be sure your computer has a microphone and/or camera to use Zoom to its fullest. Also, this tip was written using the macOS desktop version of Zoom with a free user account, though Windows users should still be able to follow these same tips.

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While in a Zoom meeting, look for the Chat button on the bottom bar. Click on it, and the screen should shift to add a chat window to the right side of your video screen. Look at the bottom right of the chat window for the File button. Click on it, and you'll be able to add a file from a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox, or share a locally-stored file (Figure A).

Figure A


Once you navigate to the file you wish to share, click on it, follow the onscreen prompts to share it, and the document should appear in the chat window like any other typed message. Other attendees can click the link to download the file or open it in a browser window (for files stored in the cloud). 

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