How to translate language on the SwiftKey for Android app

SwiftKey users can access Microsoft Translator in the keyboard for faster and easier translations.

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On Monday, Android's SwiftKey team announced that it would integrate Microsoft Translator into a SwiftKey beta, giving users a "fast and seamless" way to translate text, according to SwiftKey's Google Play Store page.

With Microsoft Translator in SwiftKey, users don't have to change apps or copy and paste text back and forth to make a translation, the page noted. Users can access the translator directly from the toolbar, using SwiftKey to type a message in one language and see it translated in real time into another language.

The update comes in version The SwiftKey team also added support in this version for users to type in the Dungan language, as well as Tamil99 and Indic native top row symbols layouts, the page said.

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Here's how to translate a language on the SwiftKey for Android app:

1. Select Microsoft Translator from the toolbar on top of the keyboard

2. Choose the source language and the target language

3. View your translation inside the text box

The keyboard can also bring in text from the clipboard for an instant translation, Neowin reported.

Interested users can install the SwiftKey beta here.

Microsoft acquired SwiftKey back in 2016, and added support for the keyboard to Windows with its Windows 10 Redstone 5 test build, our sister site ZDNet noted. The new feature could greatly benefit business travelers who need to communicate with clients in different languages.

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