PowerPoint presentation files can grow quickly. Graphics files, music, and all those custom instructions really add up. There are a few things you can do to reduce the file’s size:

  • Reduce all graphics files to 96 dpi if you don’t need to print them directly from the presentation. For screen viewing, 96 dpi is the best you can get. To include files with a higher resolution is a waste.
  • Bitmap (.bmp) files are usually larger than other formats. If you’re using bitmap files, try converting them to .jpeg or .png. Even .gif is better than .bmp, but not quite as efficient as .jpeg and .png.
  • If the file suddenly grows in size for no apparent reason, save the presentation using Save As and give it a new name. This simple trick can reduce the file’s size up to 50%, but it won’t always work. This trick works with normal bloat.