Gmail users will soon be able to turn off conversation view in their mobile inbox, according to Tuesday blog post from Google. Users could already turn off the feature on their desktop, but only now is Google rolling out the option to disable conversation view on mobile apps.

When Gmail launched conversation view, messages between two people were lumped together in a “conversation” message thread. Google said in the post that this tool was meant to make messages “easier to digest and follow,” however, some people did not react well to the new default, preferring to see all individual messages listed in the inbox.

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Conversation view definitely makes your inbox look cleaner by efficiently placing a whole chain of messages under the most recent one. However, users may want to try the old-school version if they want to easily access older messages in a lengthy conversation.

Here’s how to turn off conversation view:

  1. Access the Settings menu
  2. Click on your account name
  3. Either check or uncheck the box next to “conversation view”

Boom. That’s it.

The feature will be available for everyone with a smartphone in the next 15 days, said the post.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Gmail users will be able to turn off conversation view on their mobile inboxes in the next 15 days.
  • Conversation view lumps conversation chains together under the latest message, instead of having all messages in a conversation appear individually in the inbox.