The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update makes it easy to communicate with those you talk to the most. Whether it’s an email, Skype, or another supported app, it’s dead simple to add up to three contacts right to your taskbar.

Take a look toward the bottom right of your taskbar and you’ll see a small image of two generic silhouettes–that’s the People window. Click on it and you’ll see two tabs: People and Apps.

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The People tab will show all the contacts associated with your Microsoft ID. Clicking on one of them will add them to the taskbar (you can add a maximum of three people). The Apps tab will show you all the apps you have installed that will work with One-click Communication.

Once a person is added to the taskbar, simply click on their picture and a window will pop up where you can choose how to communicate. Click on your choice to start a new email, make a Skype call, or start another form of communication.