iMessage group messaging, just like group SMS, allows users to message many recipients at once. This is a great tool for collaborating on projects with team members, or for organizing events.

Creating an iMessage group is an easy process and provides several benefits over SMS group messaging, including the ability to leave a group, name a group, and remove members from a group.

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To get started creating a group, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Tap the Compose button.
  3. Enter all of the contacts you wish to add in the To field, ensuring the contacts are all iMessage users.

When you do this and send a first message, the group will be created. You can easily configure a group by tapping the “i” (Detail) button inside of the group messages view.

In this Detail view (Figure A), you’ll be able to enter a name for the group at the top and see a listing of all members of the group. From here, you can easily swipe to delete a user in the group, or remove yourself from the group by tapping the Leave This Conversation button.

Figure A