How to use Location Sharing in Android Pie

Jack Wallen shows you how to work with the Android Location Sharing feature in the latest iteration of the platform.

Using Location Sharing in Android Pie

Location sharing is an important feature if you need to let a client, staff member, friend, or another person in on your whereabouts. This is a convenient way to allow specific contacts to keep track of your location in real time (without you texting or otherwise manually sharing an address). And what's best, with the help of Google Maps this is not only easy, but it allows you to share a location with only those you want to know of your whereabouts.

I will walk you through how to do location sharing in the latest iteration of the Google mobile platform, Android Pie. I'll demonstrate on an Essential PH-1, but the process is the same, regardless of device (so long as you're running Pie).

How this works

Essentially, what you do is share your location with a contact. That location will then appear on your contact's Google Map app, so they can then use that location to quickly get directions to you. You can use this feature, or even clients can use it to show you how to find them.


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How to share your location

This is actually quite easy. Open the Google Maps app, and then tap the menu button (three horizontal lines in the upper left corner). From the sidebar (Figure A), tap Location sharing.

Figure A

Figure A

The Google Maps sidebar.

A pop up will appear, with a GET STARTED button. Tap that button, and then configure how long you want the real-time location sharing to continue (Figure B).

Figure B

Figure B

Configuring the time frame for location sharing.

You can either define a time (by hours) or set the sharing to continue until you manually turn it off.

From that same pop up, either tap Select People or Messages. If you tap Select People, you'll select who you want to share the location with from your Contacts app. If you opt to go the Messages route, you'll then search for the contact and send them a message (automatically populated with a link for them to use). Either way, you will be prompted to TURN ON Location Sharing (Figure C).

Figure C

Figure C

Turning on Location Sharing.

Once you've sent the message (or selected the contact), the recipient will then be able to easily keep track of you, in real-time, until either the configured end time or you turn location sharing off.

Turning off location sharing

Say you no longer need to share your location, and you set the sharing up for a manual disable. How do you turn Location Sharing off? From Google Maps, tap the menu button, and then tap Location Sharing. Tap the Sharing via link, followed by tapping the On/Off slider to disable the share (Figure D).

Figure D

Figure D

Disabling the location share.

Happy location sharing

That's all there is to location sharing. This is a great way to help clients/staff/others find you and/or keep track of your location. Thanks to the Android developers, you can be sure that only specific contacts are aware of your location, and you have control of how long they have access to this information. Happy location sharing.

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