How to use split-screen mode in Android Pie

Split-screen mode presents an effective method of multitasking on Google's mobile platform. Jack Wallen shows you how it works.

How to use split-screen mode in Android Pie

If you've upgraded your device to Android Pie and opted to stick with gesture-based Navigation, you might have discovered one very important feature, split-screen mode, isn't where you once thought it was located. The traditional method of using split-screen mode involves that handy square navigation button. However, if you're using gesture-based navigation, that button is MIA. What do you do?

Fear not --the Android developers have made using split-screen mode even easier, thanks to Android Pie. The only caveat is that the feature is hidden such that you probably wouldn't find it without a nudge.

Let me give you that nudge.

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A caveat

Before you find out how this is done, you should know that if you disabled gesture-based navigation, using split-screen mode is done in the same fashion as it was before. It is only with Pie's new method of navigating the UI that the change comes to split-screen mode.

Using split screen mode with Pie

Now comes the nudge. From your homescreen, do a quick swipe up from the Home button. You should now see all of your open apps (Figure A).

Figure A

Figure A

Open apps, as seen on Android Pie.

Do you notice something different about the apps overview? You should. At the top of each app is a circle with the apps icon. Long press that icon to reveal a new pop-up menu. Aha! There it is. From that pop-up menu (Figure B), tap the Split-Screen entry to open that app in split-screen mode. That app opens to the top portion of the screen.

Figure B

Figure B

Our first app open in split screen mode.

You can then locate another app in the overview and tap it to add it to the lower half of the screen. At this point, split-screen will function in a similar fashion as before. Dismiss either the upper or lower app by pulling the drag bar either to the bottom or the top of the screen.

Splitting the difference

The difference between using split-screen mode in Android Oreo and Android Pie is minimal. The biggest difference is where you add the first app to the split-screen. Both methods are simple and split-screen mode is an incredibly effective method of multitasking on Google's mobile platform. Don't let Pie and/or gesture-based navigation get in the way of using Android as efficiently as possible.

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