The Vivaldi browser is one of the most promising web browsers to come along in a while. With plenty of speed and a boatload of features that never feel like bloat, Vivaldi offers just about everything you need to make browsing efficient and user-friendly.

One such feature is the new tab management tool. You’ll find similar features in other browsers, but Vivaldi takes tab management a step or two further than the competition.

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How it works

How does it work? Let’s find out.

If you right-click on any open Vivaldi tab, you will find a context menu that offers plenty of handy features. From this menu you can Reload, clone, pin, move, bookmark, save, close, hibernate, and reopen tabs. If you click the Customize option, the Vivaldi Settings window will open to the Tabs section, where you can further customize tabs.

If you opt to save all tabs as a session, a new window will appear where you can give the session a name and even select to save only the tabs in the current window. To open a saved session, click the Vivaldi “V” menu, select Open Saved Session, select the session you want to open and click Open. All of the saved tabs will open, ready for use.

The developers of the Vivaldi browser have done an outstanding job of making tabs incredibly powerful and user-friendly. If you haven’t given Vivaldi a chance, do so and find out what you’ve been missing.