How to use the Gmail Schedule Send

Find out how the Gmail's Schedule Send feature is used, and why you should add it to your routine.


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You've probably already heard, but Gmail has a fancy new scheduler for sending emails. This is a great addition to the platform, as it allows you to craft a missive and decide exactly when it will be sent. 

For those of you who send emails out and then maybe regret clicking Send, this could serve as a fail-safe. How? Once you've scheduled that email, you can always view it, change it, or delete it. I know there have been times when I wished that feature would have been available long ago. Regrets aside, it's available now, and it's incredibly simple to use. 

How simple? Let me show you. 

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Using Schedule Send

When you go to create an email, you'll notice the Send button now has a dropdown. After you compose the message, click the dropdown and select Schedule Send. On the Gmail mobile app, you can find this in the compose window, by tapping the menu button (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and tapping Schedule send. 

Whether you use the mobile or the web app, you can schedule a time for the email to send. You can select from a predefined time or choose Pick date & time to customize when the email will send. Once you schedule it, you'll find it waiting in the Scheduled folder. 

If you change your mind on sending it, you can delete it and not worry about the email ever going out. You can also open the email for editing, in case you have more information to add, or want to change anything you've already composed. 

And that's how you make use of the new Gmail Schedule Send feature. For some, this will be a must-use feature. If you've not tried this option, do so, and you'll soon be scheduling emails like a pro.

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