Let’s face it, there are times when you compose an important email, knowing full-well that particular moment isn’t the best time to send away. If you use Google’s Gmail app, you can use their Schedule Send feature. But what about other applications? If you happen to work with the Spark email app, there’s a similar feature to be found. Said feature is Send Later, and it does an equally good job of holding your missives until a specified time.

Let’s find out how to use Send Later.

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What you need

The only thing you need is the Spark email app installed on your Android device (it also works on iOS, but we’re here to talk about Android), as well as an email account configured and working. With those things at the ready, let’s send emails at a later time.

Set up

You don’t have to do anything to set up the feature, as it works out of the box. However, you might want to enable/disable some of the pre-set Send Later times to better fit your needs. To do this, open Spark, open the Spark Sidebar (tap the menu button in the upper left corner), tap Scheduling, and then tap the SEND LATER tab. In this window (Figure A), tap to enable or disable any one of the canned times.

Don’t worry, you are not locked into only these pre-configured times. You can set a specified time from within the compose window. Let’s find out how to do just that.

Sending later

Once you have your pre-set times to your liking, close out the settings window and tap the Compose button. In the compose window, tap the Send Later button (which looks like the Send button with an attached clock at the bottom of the compose window – Figure B).

Tapping the bottom send button will open the Send Later menu (Figure C).

You can now tap one of the pre-configured times, or tap the Pick date entry. The Pick date entry will open a calendar (Figure D). Select the date for the sending and tap OK.

You can then select the specific time for the email send. Tap OK, and you’ll be returned to the compose window, where you can write the email. When you’re finished composing, tap the Send button to schedule the sending of the email.

Easy eeasy

And that’s all there is to sending your email at a later time with the Spark email app. If this is a must-have feature for your email needs, you cannot go wrong with Spark’s take.

Jack Wallen