How to use Vivaldi Search Engine Nicknames

Vivaldi makes using multiple search engines easy with the help of Search Engine Nicknames.

How to use Vivaldi search engine nicknames

Searching from your web browser can be made much more efficient when you want to use various search engines for different searches. Say, for example, you want to use Google for tech searches and Duck Duck Go for personal searches. You could open a tab, point the tab to either search engine, and then run the search. Or you could make use of a very handy Vivaldi feature called Search Engine Nicknames.

With this feature, you can open a tab and type something like g linux admin or d hackers soundtrack on vinyl. The first string searches Google for the Linux admin, and the second one searches Duck Duck Go for the hackers soundtrack on vinyl (which, sadly, doesn't exist).

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Using the feature

How do you use this? Simple. Open Vivaldi, click on the V button, and go to Tools | Settings | Search. In the resulting screen, locate the search engine you want to work with and change the Nickname to fit your needs. Once you take care of that, close the Settings window. To use the new nickname, type the examples I stated earlier, such as d hackers soundtrack on vinyl. The second you type the nickname, the favicon changes to that search engine (so you know it's working).

This feature offers one of the best methods for efficiently using multiple search engines. With Search Engine Nicknames, you can search like an end-level boss and nothing will get in your way of finding the answers you need. Unless the answers don't exist--at which point, no search engine will help you. Happy searching.

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Image: Jack Wallen