Yammer, the enterprise social network and recent Microsoft acquisition, is actually quite iPhone friendly. The Yammer iOS app lets iPhone users get access to their organization’s enterprise social network, so they can monitor their feed plus send and receive messages from other network members.

One of Yammer’s goals is to replace the email inbox, and the Yammer iOS app helps extend this new breed of social enterprise to mobile users.

Setup Yammer on your iPhone

In the case of a corporate-owned iPhone, Yammer is probably already setup for you. However, if your project team plans on using the free version of the service, or you’re just testing it out, then here’s what you need to do to setup Yammer on your iPhone:

  1. Establish an organization account and setup user accounts on Yammer.com
  2. Download and install the free Yammer iOS app on your iPhone
  3. Enter your Yammer username (yourname@company.com) and password
  4. Select whether or not you want to receive push notifications on your iPhone

Send a message to another Yammer user

To send a message to another Yammer user within your organization:

  1. Tap Yammer to open the app. Your network feed appears similar to Figure A.
  2. Figure A

    The Yammer network feed.
  3. Tap Post, type the @ symbol, and then begin typing the intended recipient’s name. Select the person from the Mention screen, and tap Done.
  4. Enter your feed message. Optionally, tap the Camera icon to add in a new or existing picture to your message. You also have the option to tap Mention and add the name of one or more of your Yammer network contacts to the message.
  5. Tap Send (Figure B). This will post the message to your Yammer feed.

Figure B

Sending a Yammer message is similar to sending an email message.

Interact with Yammer feed messages

Yammer is a social network, so you have options to interact with messages in your feed, even from the iOS app.

To reply to a message:

  1. When you see a message in your network feed that you want to reply to, tap Reply
  2. Enter a reply, which will appear beneath the message in your Yammer feed (Figure C)

Figure C

Replies to Yammer messages appears in your feed.

To like a message:

  1. Tap Like — the number of likes appears beside the message (Figure D)
  2. Tap Unlike if you decide that you don’t like a post that you previously liked

Figure D

You can easily Like a Yammer message.

Send and receive private messages

While there is indeed power in the collaborative nature of Yammer as an enterprise social network, there are times in business when you need to send a private message to another user in your Yammer social network.

To send a private message:

  1. Tap the sliding left navigation menu
  2. Tap Private Messages, and the Private Messages screen will appear
  3. Tap the icon to reveal the Select Recipients screen
  4. Select recipient(s) for your private message
  5. Tap Done
  6. Complete the message as you would for a newsfeed post
  7. Tap Send

To reply to a private message:

  1. Go to your Private Messages
  2. Tap the private message to which you want to respond (Figure E)
  3. Tap Reply
  4. Enter in a reply to the private message
  5. Tap Send

Figure E

Private messages are between just Yammer users.

Access groups

Your organization may have setup Yammer groups for the company, departments, and/or project teams. They act like a mailing list that segregates content and communications to just a particular, specified group. Groups can be either public or private.

To access groups:

  1. Tap the sliding left navigation menu
  2. Go to the My Groups section
  3. Perform one of the following options:
    • Tap All Company to access the All Company Group
    • Tap More Groups, and then tap on the Group you want to access

Once you access a group, you’ll be able to communicate with one or more group members and read all the messages sent and received by that group.

Manage notifications

Yammer notifications are broadcast from a separate feed and highlight Yammer activities of interest to you.

To manage alerts:

  1. Tap Notifications (the bell icon), and the Notifications screen will appear (Figure F)
  2. Follow the prompt to respond the notification

Figure F

The Yammer Notifications screen.

Search for members

When your organization or team makes the move to Yammer, your organization’s Yammer accounts are listed in a members directory. Think of it as Yammer’s version of a corporate address book.

To search for members:

  1. Tap Members
  2. Type a member’s name in the Search field, and names matching the search string will appear
  3. Tap a member’s name to bring up their information, including followers, following, messages, and work email

Enterprise social networking on the go

While the Yammer app does have its limitations, most noticeably with files and documents, it does enable mobile users to stay in touch with their coworkers on Yammer quite effectively. Do you use Yammer? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.