If you have The New iPad then certainly by now you’ve fallen in love with that densely packed screen. It’s absolutely gorgeous and what better way to take advantage of all those pixels than to use it as a secondary display for your Mac or PC? That’s what I’ve been doing, and though the experience isn’t perfect, it definitely is gratifying to see my MacBook sharing a desktop wirelessly with my multipurpose iPad. Unfortunately the feature isn’t built in to iOS or OS X — at least not yet — but with a handy little App for iOS called Air Display you can expand or even mirror your desktop with the greatest of ease.

Air Display is available on the App store for $9.99. Simply download it to your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone then head over to avatron.com to download the companion app for OS X. Once installed, a new icon will appear in the menu bar of your Mac. From here you can turn the Air Display service on, which acts as the conduit between your iOS device and Mac. You can also enable settings such as Turn Air Display On or Off, Auto Connect, Select The Device You Would Like To Share Your Display With, and Access Preference.
After installing Air Display on the iOS device you wish to use as a second display, you will then be able to access the device from the drop-down menu on your Mac. Selecting the iOS device from the list will initiate the connection wirelessly, and just like that, your iPad transforms into a fully functioning second display for your Mac. Additionally you can control your Mac using the touch screen of your iOS device allowing you to take your Mac with you around the house or office.
I highly recommend you check out this App. It’s been recently updated to support the Retina display of The New iPad and has become a great asset to my box of Apple tools.