How to view and save images sent through Apple's iMessage app

If you need to view and save all iMessage attachments--photos and videos--received from a group or a person, learn how in this quick iOS how-to tip.

Image: CNET

Receiving photos and videos through Apple's iMessage app over SMS or iMessages is a nice feature that many iPhone users utilize every day. Here's a quick tutorial on the easiest way to view and save all of these photos and videos in iOS 10+.

To view all media items received from a group or a person, navigate into the message thread, and then tap the details button ("i" button). In this view (Figure A), you will be able to see all attachments at the bottom; tapping Images shows all image and video files, and tapping Attachments lets you view all other attachment files.

Figure A


Tapping and holding on one of the attachments will enter into multiple selection mode.

This view will show all files stored on your device that can be saved or deleted. To save a file, tap on one of the images, videos, or other attachment type, and then tap More. Once you're in this editing mode, you can tap multiple attachments, and then tap the Save button; also, you can tap the Trash icon to delete the attachment.

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