How Towergate cut its IT costs by $5M by moving to the cloud

At Microsoft Ignite, Gordon Walters, CIO of Towergate insurance firm, explained how his company's digital transformation journey impacted the firm's operating model, data center, networks, and more.

Video: Towergate's digital transformation saves insurance firm $5M

Insurance provider Towergate partnered with Microsoft and Avanade to modernize its IT operating model, data center, networks, telephony, and end user computing environments, moving everything to the Azure cloud.

In just 12 months, Towergate lowered its annual IT costs by £3.8 million, or about $5 million. The company also reduced its applications tenfold (from 2,600 to 222), installed new networks across 100 sites, and became the first insurance firm to store all data securely in the cloud, eliminating two-thirds of local servers and reducing systems outages.

"My advice is if you're going to go for it, you really should adopt it," said Gordon Walters, CIO of Towergate, at Microsoft Ignite. "Cloud is not another thing to have, it is the thing to have. Move fast, embrace it--it is definitely what's coming."

A provider can be helpful in moving legacy systems to the cloud, Walters said, as well as a strong internal team that is willing to embrace a new way of working.

Image: iStockphoto/BsWei

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