First up and you’ve got about an hour to act on this: there’s a charity campaign for the Fred Hollows Foundation running until noon Australian Eastern Standard Time. Get in quick to help a good cause.

The Builder crew was out in force on Thursday night checking out MySpace’s local developer launch. One of the more interesting characters at the night was Markus Weichselbaum, the CEO of the company behind the “What’s your stripper name?” application that you may have seen Facebook or MySpace.

Amongst the denials over whether he rigged the app to call himself “Mecki Wunderschlong”, Weichselbaum spoke about OpenSocial and the fact that he still needs to target social networks individually. It makes one wonder if OpenSocial was all that it was cracked up to be when it was launched.

Another Google product found it’s way out the door this week as AppEngine was released. I took AppEngine for a whirl and nothing really annoyed me about using it. I did spend more time looking up Python APIs than Google APIs, being the Python neophyte I am.

Seems every other week that there is yet another investigation by the European Commission. This time it isn’t Microsoft under the microscope — although the EC is looking at the OOXML voting process — but the major search engines. The issue is the long-term storing of user data, even the steps some search engines have done in “anonymising” their data is not enough to satisfy the EC.

This week we had more videos than you could poke a stick at, even Club Builder stepped it up a notch with a new co-host.

Finally a plea. Could someone please buy Yahoo and end the silly speculation over possible partners and suitors. Please!