Digital transformation has begun to transform the way artists create, store, and share their work.

Liza Donnelly, CBS This Morning and New Yorker cartoonist, met with TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson to show how she uses the iPad to create her sketches.

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Donnelly draws on her iPad using an app that allows her to change the tool she draws with, as well as its size and color. “I use the FiftyThree pencil when I want to do quick sketches, like drawing a live event,” she said. She’s done sketches during the Oscars, the White House correspondents’ dinner and during CBS This Morning interviews, to name a few.

“I do mix it up a lot. I do some upbeat drawings and things like that, but I also do some hard-hitting political cartoons,” she said.

During one of the CBS This Morning sets, she sketched Gayle King interviewing Bill Nye in the green room.

“I don’t pretend to be a caricaturist,” Donnelly said. “I’m really not, but I get impressions of people. I try to get as close as possible.”

The app on her iPad also has a feature that allows users to outline adrawing, then lets them either duplicate it, or move it around the screen. It also stores all her work in the cloud, then she categorizes each sketch by date.

“I’m not that comfortable with the cloud yet,” she said.

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What she likes most about drawing digitally is the ability to start over, or easily fix mistakes if she draws something she doesn’t like.

“I just do it until I get it right,” Donnelly said.

Another aspect she likes about drawing on a screen is the quickness. “If you work on something too much…it loses everything and that’s true when drawing on paper, as with on [an iPad]”

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