At many universities, each department has different software and security needs. Western Carolina University figured out a way better fit the needs of users by changing its app delivery strategy.

Mark Ellersick, client technology analyst for WCU, spoke with TechRepublic’s Conner Forrest at the 2017 VMworld conference to discuss how VMware products helped the university better serve its staff and students.

“We looked at a way to deliver applications specifically to the person based on their role, or what classes they’re enrolled in,” Ellersick said. The university gave everyone a basic virtual desktop with Microsoft Office, and other support programs. By using VMware App Volumes and User Environment Manager (UEM), WCU customized the user’s experience so that all their extra software based on their specific needs can be added on top of the software they already have.

“Additionally with UEM, we’re able customize the applications based on the perimeters that the professors or the departments give us,” he said. UEM gives the ability to change app backgrounds, or add in modules. “It also saves their user data so that they can pick up right where they were when they finished.”

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