How Western Carolina University is using VMware NSX to evacuate data from other universities

WCU is part of a larger group of universities, including some on the coast. Here's how the school plans to use NSX to help sister universities in times of natural disaster.

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Western Carolina University is a part of a larger university system that spreads across different parts of the the state including the coast. WCU's virtual infrastructure engineer Patrick McGraw explains how the university will use NSX during times of natural disaster.

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"We're looking at deploying NSX system wide, and being able to evacuate the digital assets from the coast to the mountains during times of natural disaster to protect them, and then sending them back," McGraw said.

By encrypting the VMs, WCU doesn't have access to the other universities' data, he said, so they protect the data not only from physical disasters, but from themselves as well. "It's going to work out well for the state, and the entire system."

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