What can the CapShare 920 portable e-copier mean to you? No more waiting in line at the copier or drumming your fingers as the scanner is “warming up” message sits on your desktop. The CapShare 920 allows a person to copy a page (maximum area of 119”) in only a few seconds. Click one button and you’re scanning! Furthermore, the included software is user-friendly, robust, and easy to install. Here’s what you need to know about this helpful device.

Easy to install and use
I tested the CapShare 920, shown in Figure A, as though I were a reckless user. I opened the box, looked at the device, installed some freshly recharged batteries, and started clicking buttons. (Please note that I do not recommend this method of installation; ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.)

Figure A
HP CapShare 920 portable e-copier

The user interface on the CapShare 920 was simple, and within minutes, I was copying images into the onboard 4 MB of memory. Then, I easily installed the software following the instructions from the setup program. The included software supported both OCR and picture extraction, in addition to the expected storage and print functions. I tested the HP CapShare 920 on Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE, and Windows Me with no problems or conflicts.

Pros and cons
Figure B shows a summary of the pros and cons for the HP CapShare 920 e-copier as well as any improvements that I would recommend for future versions.

Figure B

The bottom line
The HP CapShare 920 is valuable for anyone needing scanning capabilities while on the move. It allows for the copying and storage of documents at the click of a button. You can carry it with ease in a handbag or a briefcase. The excellent quality of this product is everything I’d expect from Hewlett-Packard.

However, the inability to store to a floppy or ZIP disk was frustrating. On a scale of one to 10, I have to rate this product at 7.5. If HP would give me floppy storage, upgradeable memory, higher resolution, and knock about $75 off the price tag, I’d back off the demand for color and then the CapShare 920 would be a must have!
If you’ve ever used an HP CapShare 920, we want to hear from you. What did you like and dislike? Was it everything you thought it would be? Share your thoughts with us and we’ll share them with HP. Post a comment or send us a note.