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Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday launched its first multi-touch notebook for consumers.

The TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC was modeled after HP’s desktop version of the same name (see statement). The move ups the ante in the notebook race–assuming you think multi-touch is important.

hp.pngThe laptop also comes with a twist hinge that can make the TouchSmart tx2 a PC, display or tablet. It comes with a rechargeable digital ink pen to write.

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While multi-touch is nice the TouchSmart tx2 may become known for something else. It’s one of the first tablets that may have the mojo for mass adoption. Why? The laptop starts at $1,149, well below what a lot of tablet PCs cost.

A few specs:

  • The laptop is 4.5 pounds with a 12.1 inch screen;
  • Comes with a content partnership with MTV for video content from 10 channels;
  • Runs on AMD’s Turion platform;
  • And has Vista Home Premium.