NAB kicks off this week in Las Vegas, and I expect to see the tech industry announce new product offerings aimed at creative artists and the broadcast world. Headphones, microphones, cameras, computers, you name it–NAB’s a fun, drool-worthy time for creative consumers and professionals.

Just in time for NAB, HP has launched its workstations packed with more horsepower than a big-block muscle car from the 1970s with its Z product line.

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Efficient and powerful creative workstations

It’s no secret that when running creative apps such as Adobe After Effects or Blender, the app efficiency and creative output is at the mercy of your workstation. These tools offer the ability to create amazing graphics and video, but your computing device whether it’s a laptop or desktop workstation needs adequate hardware to render out your projects.

The latest Z workstations from HP come packed with Intel Xeon processors and plenty of expandable ports. The workstation is designed to allow content creators to expand its hardware capabilities in case more storage, RAM, or graphic processing power is needed. Core features include:

  • Intel Xeon CPUs with up to 48 cores for processing (56 cores on the Z8 G4)
  • Up to 384GB of RAM for system and video processing needs
  • Choice of NVIDA or AMD professional graphic processors (GPU) such as Quadro P6000
  • Up to 1700W power supply for clean and efficient power consumption

These workstations have been signed off by top independent software vendors such as Avid, Maya, and Adobe. Avid has worked closely with HP to help ensure that the user expectations are exceeded when creating amazing video either in the edit bay or remotely using the HP’s remote graphics software package (RGS).

RGS is pre-installed on the Z product line, and it allows creators to take their laptops and continue to work on projects remotely. Under-powered laptops can securely dial into Z workstations, and creatives can continue to edit that beautiful 8K footage with ease due to advanced video compression found in RGS.

Looking forward to NAB

Are you excited about the hardware announcements we’re bound to see at NAB? Looking to get your hands on a new computing device for your creative tasks? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter. In the meantime, you can look into orders for the Z workstations starting at $2,372 for the Z6 G4 and $2,981 for the bigger brother Z8 G4.

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