HP expanded its zero client portfolio Monday with the HP t310, a small form factor machine that HP said is its “best performing” model. The HP t310 offers easy setup with VMware or Amazon Workspaces, and can be updated and monitored with Teradici Management tools.

As a zero client machine, the HP t310 goes further than the thin client concept by actually storing no data on the device itself. That could help improve security, as intellectual property data and other sensitive information stays on the server, the product website said.

“With no data stored on the HP t310 Zero Client, it reduces the risk of your data getting into the wrong hands,” Jeff Groudan, vice president and global head of product management and engineering at Thin Clients, HP Inc., said in a press release.

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This zero client is a PC-over-IP (PCoIP) client, which offers fast boot times and doesn’t require much configuration either. Groudan also noted in the release that these zero clients are “more efficient to maintain than traditional thin clients.”

The small form factor means that the t310 is meant to be hidden, or easily mounted to the back of a monitor. It has a built-in VESA mounting pattern, though the mounting hardware is sold separately.

In terms of connectivity, the HP t310 has six USB ports, one DisplayPort, and one DVI port. It is powered by a 12V adapter and includes 512MB of DDR3 RAM. The device also boasts firmware version 5.5, upgraded from 4.8.

Being that a zero client is a leaner version of a traditional thin client, they often have no operating system or storage capabilities, and the t310 is no exception. While a direct interface to a remote server may seem simple to some, these devices are popular in healthcare, education, and other industries.

The HP t310 will be available sometime in July 2017 for $309.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. HP’s new t310 zero client stores no data on the client itself, and can be easily deployed with VMware or Amazon tools.
  2. The HP t310 includes the VESA mounting pattern, and has six USB ports, one DisplayPort, and one DVI port.
  3. The device will cost $309, and will be available to the public sometime in July 2017.