On Wednesday, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced its new Operations Bridge (OpsBridge) software suite that offers big data-style analytics for hybrid application performance. The tool, which provides a real-time dashboard, could help IT operations teams further optimize their infrastructure.

The new OpsBridge Suite is powered by Vertica, HPE’s big data SQL analytics platform. It will find and manage an organization’s cloud-native apps automatically. It also monitors and manages the hybrid environments where the apps run. According to a press release announcing the suite, it works with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, and some other OpenStack distributions–including, of course, HPE Helion OpenStack.

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As cloud deployments continue to grow in scale, IT operations often become disjointed and difficult to manage due to all the disparate pieces. Tony Sumpster, senior vice president and general manager of IT Operations Management at HPE, said that OpsBridge will help businesses curtail the chaos by using big data to “optimize their fluid infrastructure landscape.”

“HPE Operations Bridge Suite helps customers transform IT organizations from a cost function to a value creator by simplifying and automating IT operations, and gives unique real-time visibility to help executives make decisions faster,” Sumpster said.

Another key feature touted by HPE is the suite’s ability to consolidate disparate data sources into one unified dashboard. According to HPE, it will analyze 100% of an organization’s data from “any source, any format, and any location” regardless of where it comes from. So, business data can be analyzed alongside cloud data, alongside IoT data, and so on.

The analytics dashboard itself is accessible through the cloud, and it provides visualizations on IT and business performance dependencies seen in the abovementioned, multi-format data. The OpsBridge suite further helps with consolidation with more than 100 third party integrations.

Being that OpsBridge uses HPE Vertica, it can help with issues such as root cause detection and predicting subsequent events. IT managers can uses automation scripts, even for advanced workflows, to make it easier to manage, and OpsBridge will also integrate with chat apps like Slack and HipChat, too.

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So, what are all the technologies that make up OpsBridge? According to HPE, it’s Operations Manager i (OMi), OMi Management Packs, Business Value Dashboards, Operations Bridge Reporter, Operations Analytics, Operations Orchestration, Automated Service Modeler, and HPE Cloud Optimizer.

The OpsBridge suite is available now by itself or bundled with HPE Helion Cloud Suite. More updates for the suite will be available later this year.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. HPE launched its new Operations Bridge (OpsBridge) software suite that brings big data analytics to hybrid app performance, furthering the company’s involvement with DevOps.
  2. OpsBridge is built on HPE Vertica, and can analyze any data from any source, which could help with the disparate nature of big data deployments.
  3. OpsBridge can be automated, and it works with chat apps like Slack and HipChat.