On Monday, HPE announced two new shared-storage solutions, priced under $10,000, to bring hybrid Flash technology and software-defined storage to SMB customers. If successful, the tools could help modernize smaller data centers and give SMBs more storage flexibility.

As more and more enterprises begin to court Flash storage, it can be easy for SMBs to feel left behind in the kind of storage technologies they can afford. Additionally, many options geared toward SMBs don’t have top-tier options.

The first of the two new options is the HPE StoreVirtual 3200, which HPE defined as a shared storage system built on their software-defined storage platform. HPE StoreVirtual 3200 deployments start at $6,000.

According to an HPE press release, “The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 provides small and midsized storage customers with a new dual-controller array based on 64-bit ARM technology, a new RAID stack and advanced storage data services like snapshots, thin provisioning and replication at an unprecedented price point.”

The goal of the StoreVirtual 3200 system is to enable customers to “the freedom to grow in any direction, at any time, across any form factor or consumption model.” The way this is accomplished is through a data fabric that spans the StoreVirtual Systems and the fact that their virtual storage option, VSA, can run on ProLiant servers, hyperconverged appliances, and others. In that sense, the software-defined storage OS becomes a common fabric connecting all the pieces.

StoreVirtual 3200 can be deployed “in minutes,” and customers can add flash as needed. It is designed with the same framework of HPE’s enterprise offerings, which could also further ease the transition if a customer wanted to upgrade later on.

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The second new system, the HPE MSA 2042, is a boosted version of the firm’s entry-level SAN array that offers 800 GB SSD capacity and proprietary software tools. The HPE MSA 2042 starts at less than $10,000.

The MSA 2042 is geared toward SMBs that want to speed up their databases and consolidate their apps. According to a press release, it “delivers up to 60 percent increase in database transactions per second and 80 percent faster application response time, at a 54 percent cost savings.”

The MSA 2042 runs on HPE ProLiant servers, and is designed to be managed by your average IT worker. The built-in SSD can be used as an additional performance tier, or as a read cache accelerator, depending on the needs of the firm. It supports 512 array snapshots out of the box and has a simple GUI.

Both systems are now currently available around the world and can be ordered immediately in the US. The StoreVirtual 3200 starts at $6,055 and the MSA 2042 starts at $9,877.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. HPE recently announced two new storage options for SMBs, including software-defined storage and Flash capabilities.
  2. Both systems are designed to integrate with existing HPE products, and are designed to get customers on a path to upgrading to more HPE products.
  3. If these systems are successful, HPE could see more success with the SMB market, and could create an inroad for smaller customers that want to scale in the future.