HPE updates OneView with new automation features and DevOps integrations

At HPE Discover 2017 in Las Vegas, HPE announced updates to its OneView software-defined intelligence product that aim to improve its usefulness in DevOps environments and more.

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On Monday, at HPE Discover 2017 in Las Vegas, HPE introduced updates to its OneView software that could make it a more useful tool for DevOps practitioners. Announcements included improved infrastructure automation, container support, and new partner integrations.

For those unfamiliar, OneView is a "software-defined intelligence that automates complex tasks," which could help simplify lifecycle operations, speed app delivery, and improve DevOps delivery on certain HPE products, according to an HPE press release.

Improved automation means that OneView will get a boost in its ability to manage infrastructure and firmware, the release said, which could help to lower lifecycle management costs. OneView will support HPE Synergy, ProLiant BL, DL and ML, HPE Apollo, and HPE Superdome X servers, the release said.

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For container support, Docker will now be available bundled with HPE Synergy and HPE Pointnext, with automatic storage provisioning and additional tools that will make it possible to run Docker Enterprise Edition, the release said.

HPE Synergy, the firm's modular composable infrastructure system, is getting a Mesosphere integration as well, allowing for automated Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS deployments on HPE infrastructure, the release said. A new strategic alliance between HPE and Mesosphere was also announced, to provide customers with a more effective way of leveraging containers and the cloud.

Troubleshooting on HPE OneView is also being made easier with a new ServiceNow integration, while a Densify.com integration will use predictive analytics to help IT more intelligently place and manage workloads. According to the release, Red Hat OpenShift is also integrating with HPE OneView to automate container provisioning and boost app delivery as well.

HPE also noted that the firm was working on a Redfish toolkit for OneView, that would make it easier for customers to use Redfish without as much scripting. Additional tools will make it simpler to deploy and manage HPE hardware on a Cisco ACI network.

Finally, four months after acquiring SimpliVity, HPE is offering an HPE SimpliVity hyperconferged solution on the HPE Proliant DL380, guaranteeing "90% data efficiency and an under a minute back up restore," the release said.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. HPE OneView got new automation features and integrations that make it more DevOps-friendly at HPE Discover 2017 in Las Vegas.
  2. In addition to automation and intelligence upgrades, OneView got deeper integrations with Docker and Mesosphere, improving its command of containers.
  3. Additional OneView integrations will also improve troubleshooting, workload placement, and application delivery as well.

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