HPE’s “industry first” composable infrastructure for VMware private clouds could make it easier for businesses to pursue hybrid IT initiatives, deploy private cloud IaaS, and lower VM costs, according to a press release. The solution, based on HPE Synergy, was announced at the 2017 VMworld conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

The new solution was born out of a deeper alliance between HPE and the VMware Cloud Foundation, the release said. Infrastructure is automated through HPE OneView, and can quickly be reallocated as needed.

Workloads can be deployed in as little as one click, across private cloud or a traditional data center. According to the release, the relocation process only takes a few minutes.

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As noted in the release, it seems as though every IT department is trying to balance its CAPEX and OPEX as it seeks to find the right balance of on-premises and cloud infrastructure. The HPE composable infrastructure for VMware private clouds seeks to address those needs.

Through HPE Synergy, users can run bare metal workloads based on vSAN or virtualized SAN-based environments, the release said. The HPE Synergy Image Streamer also allows IT to deploy software and infrastructure as needed to keep up with end-user needs and boost DevOps initiatives. HPE Synergy is also “the industry’s fastest platform for VMware environments,” as it beat the last record holder by some 41%.

Being that the new solution is based on composable infrastructure, it also has the potential to improve agility and lower costs. In the release, HPE claims that it can deliver VMs for 29% cheaper than more traditional architecture and 50% cheaper than public clouds. Productivity can see a 3x improvement as well, the release said.

“Customers will benefit from a highly dynamic, programmable infrastructure foundation that eliminates the operational overhead of traditional deployments thanks to new built-in lifecycle automation capabilities,” John Gilmartin, vice president and general manager of the Integrated Systems Business Unit at VMware, said in the release.

VMware Cloud Foundation on HPE Synergy will be available later this year.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. HPE has launched the industry’s first composable infrastructure for VMware private cloud, streamlining deployments.
  2. The solution allows for infrastructure and workloads to be quickly deployed and for infrastructure resources to be reallocated as needed.
  3. VMs can be deployed for 29% less than traditional architecture and 50% less than public cloud, a press release claimed.