High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) is approaching launch

in Europe. 

HSDPA is a third generation (3G) high-speed data service, with a maximum

bandwidth of 14Mbps!  O2,

the UK based telecoms company

have announced that they will be launching the service for the Isle of Man on the 1st of November.  Another high-speed technology which is just

starting to emerge is WiMax.  This wireless broadband service is now being

offered in the South East of England—currently offering services up to 10Mbps.  One potential problem for WiMax is the limited

amount of licensed radio bandwidth available. 

It is possible for the service to run on unlicensed public frequencies,

but this raises quality of service issues. 

HSDPA runs on current cellular infrastructure which bypasses this issue

and should make rollout faster and less expensive.  There is much debate over which of these two

technologies will gain the upper hand, I guess only time can really tell.  Still, both technologies are offering

exciting new prospects in all areas from mobile business solutions to in-car