Creating an emotional attachment is a key requirement to creating successful Web sites according to one leading design ethnographer.

In a keynote address delivered in Sydney this morning, Kelly Goto, principal and CEO of Gotmedia, said developers and designers should focus on creating bonds between technology and users of technology rather than focusing solely on technology for success.

Goto said it was important to deliver products that fit into the lifestyle of users and that no matter how novel, useful or attractive a user experience may be, if it does not fit into the user’s lifestyle then it is unlikely to the user will develop an emotional attachment to it.

Citing examples of mobile phone usage and ipod usage, where there are obvious flaws and technology is not at the bleeding edge, Goto emphasised the popularity of these devices was because these technologies created an emotional need in using them. Goto believes the same approach should be taken for developing Web sites.

According to Goto, creating an emotional attachment is to go beyond designing Web sites simply for usefulness and focus on meeting desires as well as user’s needs. When this occurred people would start integrating those products into their lives and start to incorporate it into daily rituals or possibly even addiction.

Goto delivered the Keynote speech of the Web Directions conference in front of approximately 400 Web enthusiasts held at the University of Technology Sydney.