Hi. My name is LewisC and I’m an Oracle ACE. How cool is that! I like the sound of it.

Andrew Clarke recently posted On Becoming an Oracle ACE.

The way I ended up an ACE was a little bit different than his. I did a

little bit of all the things he mentions except write a book (and hey,

maybe that’s in the future).

I also did not realize that APC

and Andrew Clarke were the same person. I’ve seen APC in the forums a

lot. APC has 5,743 posts since 2003. Amazing. I won’t mention how many

I have. It’s not even statistically significant next to that.


like his article and particularly agree with one comment he makes: If

the activity is not meaningful to you irrespective of ACE-hood then you

probably won’t make the grade anyway.

I’m not saying that if

you want to be an ACE you shouldn’t set out to be an ACE. A lot of

newbies might accidentally be helped along the way. But if you really

don’t enjoy answering questions and helping people out (at least when

it comes to Oracle), you probably won’t last long enough to become an


And when I mention answering questions, I don’t mean, “Dude, RTFM!”. That’s not an answer.

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