I have a confession. I’m one of those people who is seriously attached to my cell phone. Unlike some people who spend all their time and money on their cell phones, I don’t use mine a lot – for talking anyway. However, I have to know that it’s on me, and if I accidently forget it at home in the morning, I truly feel naked.

My cell phone isn’t that special. I upgraded about a year ago to the Samsung SCH-A650. Some of you are laughing, I’m sure, because you have more advanced models with fancier features. That’s ok. Go ahead and laugh. I am perfectly happy with my cell phone’s ability to tell the time and its “snapshot-on-the-go” capability, which are the two things I use it for the most.

Well, I was satisfied until I saw this News.com story: “A movie projector in a cell phone?” According to the article, “A few years from now, you might be able to carry a home theater system in your pocket.”  Can you imagine the possibilities?!