Here’s a synopsis of the most newsworthy items regarding the iPhone on I-Day:

  1. The New York Times published an FAQ (‘scuse me, a List of Often-Asked iQuestions) for the iPhone, following on the heels of The Register’s cost projection of just how expensive an iPhone will be (two kilobucks a year?), and the Gartner critique of the iPhone’s abilities. For those IT pros who must debunk bleeding-edge gear for what it won’t do, and provide a cost-benefit analysis, this could be a timesaver.
  2. AT&T’s gotten their EDGE 2.5 G network all shiny now with significant speedups, but AT&T nabobs caution customers not to expect radical speeds. This follows on the heels of my June 5 report on the subject.
  3. Want to wait? Europe’s going to get a true 3 G version of the iPhone by year’s end, with an announcement planned for the 2nd of July, also confirmed by The Register.
  4. WIRED issued a call to hack the iPhone, polling on what the mentally well-endowed should code for their iPhones.
  5. WIRED also leaked plans for a free online Office-type suite, iZoho.
  6. Push e-mail is available from Visto, but no BlackBerry on board.
  7. Apple has just launched a “Works With iPhone” program with an unexciting logo, but the offerings are scanty.
  8. A Piper Jaffray analyst is recycling news from the ATT grapevine that Treo 750 sales are suffering as a result of iPhone fever. Add this to the dark quarterly earnings announced today for Palm, and you can expect a comeback appeal with Treo price slashing.

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