Snapshots are great for development and testing, but managing them over time can become just an outright nightmare. Take this poll to let us know if you hate managing snapshots.

If you have worked as an IT administrator with VMware’s ESX Server, I wonder if you hate snapshots. Don’t get me wrong, snapshots are a great feature and are very helpful in development and testing.

But let me ask you a question: What happens when multiple people take snapshots 12 levels deep and take up over 160 gb of disk space just in snapshots? I can tell you . It can crash the ESX Server because you have run out of disk space. Tools such as Snaphunter exist to help manage snapshots, but the overall management of them over time becomes a nuisance.

Let’s start a discussion on how you manage snapshots in your organization. How do you keep snapshots from growing out of control? Do you hate managing snapshots as much as I do?